Disney Cutters
- great for cookies, bread, ham, cheese, vegetables, fruits & more
Product no: MM28
Size: approx. 7.5 x 4.5cm
Designs: Minnie Mouse or Mickey Mouse
Price: SGD 7 per design Now: SGD 4 per design (limited time discount)

Minnie Faces Picks
- 12 picks in a pack
Product: MM25
Price: SGD 5.50 per design  Now: SGD 4 per design  (limited time discount)

Mickey Meal Set 
- consists of tray, plate, side plates, spoon & fork
- safe for Microwave Oven & Dishwasher use
Product no: MM26
Size: approx. 35 x 26cm (tray), 20.5 x 17.8cm (plate), 12.6cm (fork & spoon)
                      10.3 x 9cm (side plate), 13.1 x 13.5cm (side plate)
Price: SGD 32 per set  Now: SGD 28.80 per set (10% off)

Disney Seaweed Cutter
- simple & easy-to-use
Product no: MM30
Designs: Minnie or Mickey
Price: SGD 7 each  Now: SGD 4 each (limited time discount)

Mickey Madeleine Silicone Tray
- great for cakes, cookies, rice, bread, pudding, jelly and more
- safe for microwave oven, freezer and oven use
Size: approx. 13.8 x 14 x 3.8cm
Capacity: 48ml x 4
Price: SGD 25 per set Now: SGD 15 per set (40% off)

Mickey Cookie Tin Set
- 10 cutters of assorted designs + a cute tin luggage
Product no: MM22
Price: SGD 28 per set Now: SGD 16.80 per set (40% off)

Mickey Seaweed Cutter
- large cutter, small cutter, 1 pick, cutting mat + case in a set
Product no: MM5
Size: approx. 6.8 x 6.3 x 2.6 cm (L) , 4.3 x 3.7 x 2.3cm (S)
Price: SGD 21.00 per set  
Now: SGD 12.60 per set (40% off)

Mickey & Minnie Cutters & Moulds + Stencils
-great for cookies, bread, rice, vege, ham, cheese and more
Product no: MM7
Price: SGD 12 per set Now: SGD 9 per set (limited time discount)
Made in Japan

Mickey Vegetables Cutters
- 2 different designs in a set
-can be used for ham, cheese, bread, cookies and more...
Product no: MM4
Size: 45×37mm
Price: SGD 11 per set  Now: SGD 8 per set (limited time discount)
Made in Japan